Frequently asked Questions

How to make an order?

To ask additional questions, place an order and coordinate the time of work – call our office or write a chat, the manager will contact you and advise.

Who works in your company and do they do their job well?

We have specially and individually trained employees working according to European standards. Each employee works very carefully and carefully. After the completion of the cleaning, you accept the work, and only then pay.

How and with whom to pay?

Payment is made by bank transfer to our account, master or cash manager.

Do I have to pay money for a manager’s visit?

Departure of the manager to evaluate the object – FOR FREE !!!

How to prepare an apartment for cleaning?

Collect your personal belongings, documents, free up the area where the work will be performed.

What equipment do you need to prepare for your employees?

Our employees carry all the necessary equipment and materials. It is only necessary to provide access to the facility, water and the power supply network.

Do you work on weekends and holidays?

Yes, we work by prior arrangement.

Means are used when cleaning parquet, laminate?

Gentle means are designed to work with wooden surfaces, eliminating further “swelling".

“All that we are is our ideas and our people. Only smart colleagues make us get up in the morning and go to work. I always believed that the right selection of employees is the key to success in any business."

Antonenko Alexander

General director ProfClean

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