What can we offer

ProfClean is a cleaning company specializing in cleaning all types of premises, offices, warehouses, apartments, houses and much more. Let us help you with all your cleaning needs!

Advantages of ProfClean

The cleaning company “ProfClean" provides a full range of cleaning services for all types of premises: professional cleaning after construction and repair of premises, office cleaning, deep cleaning (general), everyday (easy).

Individual work schedule
By agreement, we can carry out work at a convenient time for you.
Professional staff
Only experienced employees work for us. All new employees undergo individual training.
Reasonable prices
The manager individually evaluates the cost for each order, depending on several factors.
Attention to detail
Our experts work very carefully so as not to damage delicate surfaces.

What does deep cleaning of the apartment include?

Absolutely all surfaces are washed, both outside and inside. We pay special attention to places where fat, dirt, and dust accumulate. Rust, plaque from the taps is removed completely and rubbed to a shine.
Bathroom and toilet
In such rooms, there is often a tile on which there may be drips and plaque. If mold is present, they will be removed with the help of special tools. All surfaces are cleaned, the floor is washed.
The rooms
All surfaces are washed. Especially in hard to reach places. Delicate items are cleaned very carefully so as not to damage.
This is the place where we always walk in shoes, therefore special attention is required to clean the floors (disinfection).

Our shares

We not only make your premises clean,
but also offer you the opportunity to save on this!

Happy Birthday!!!

The cleaning company “ProfKlin” carries out an action for all customers of the company. If you soon or may already have had a birthday, then ...

“Clean thursday”

When ordering on Thursday, 10% discount

Year to year

When signing the contract for annual maintenance free general cleaning 1 / year.

At the second order

10% discount on the second order

At the following

15% discount for third and subsequent orders.

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